Of sites and mikes

Sometimes you win one, sometimes you lose one, and sometimes it depends on the ref

Yesterday, on Daring Fireball John Gruber posted, “The AP Stylebook changes ‘Web site’ to ‘website.’” About time, I thought.

Gruber says he switched the usage on his blog last October. I’m not sure when I started using website, but I know it’s been several years. Website has been gaining in popular usage, at least in how often I see it, for even longer. I like website because I’m lazy—no high-falutin linguistic justification. I don’t have to worry about hitting the shift key for the cap, or getting that space in the middle. Just type; website is easier.

Then I followed Gruber’s link to the AP tweet and found this in the responses: “Drawing cheers from the #aces2010 audience: mic as short form of microphone, website instead of Web site.” Noooo! Not mic!

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