Services and prices

Fiction and poetry—$999
  • Novels, poetry collections, short story anthologies, and other works in narrative form.
  • Length up to 120,000 words.
  • Nonfiction or any works with multiple levels of headings and other elements that require special formatting, such as lists, pull quotes, tables, and so on.
  • Length up to 120,000 words.
Long manuscript or complex formatting surcharge—$500
  • Books longer than 120,000 words.
  • Books that include many elements such as complex tables, forms, bibliographies, glossaries, appendices and so on, which require detailed custom formatting.
  • Books with numerous illustrations requiring special treatment such as text wraps.
  • If you think this describes your book, please contact us before signing up.
Author’s website—$749
  • A five- to seven-page website designed to match your book cover.
  • Domain name and one year of web hosting.
  • Email address, webmail and much more.
  • Amazon Associates linking (optional) earns you an additional small percentage on sales originating from your site.
Color printing option—$199
  • Full-color is available for the interior pages of all types of books.
  • Fee is in addition to the basic publishing price.
Custom editing—$500
In-depth professional assistance in polishing your manuscript.
Additional illustrations—$10 each
Additional illustrations placed in text, above the 10 included in the basic publishing price.
All changes made after you have approved your book for printing are subject to the resubmission fee. The charge applies to resubmission of either cover or text. If your book has already gone print-ready at CreateSpace, it will not be available for sale while your file is in corrections.
Author’s alterations—$50
Changes to your text or cover in excess of the two rounds of proofs and corrections included in your package. Please see our Corrections Policy for details.