You’ll receive proofs of your book and its cover as PDF files. These can be read with Adobe Reader, a free download from Please review your proof(s) carefully and thoroughly. This is your opportunity to catch any mistakes or glitches that might have occurred during the formatting process, so take as much time as you need.

You can make your comments, changes, additions or deletions right in the PDF file, using Adobe Reader’s “Comment and Markup” tools. When you finish your proofreading and return the annotated file to us, we’ll make the changes, generate a new proof and let you know when that’s ready for your approval. Usually two rounds of proofs and corrections are sufficient.

Author’s alterations fee—$50

Each round of changes or corrections in excess of the usual two proofs incurs an alterations fee, with the exception of any errors introduced during the corrections process.

Post-approval changes/resubmission—$100

All changes made after you have approved your book for printing are subject to the resubmission fee. The charge applies to resubmission of either cover or text. If your book has already gone print-ready at CreateSpace, it will not be available for sale while your file is in corrections.