What our authors say about us

There are many ways to get around the stranglehold that the large publishers have on the industry—I know, because I’ve looked at all of them. But listen: why spend all that time creating a book if you’re just going to be either jerked around by either a large publisher who doesn’t give a damn who you are or jerked around by a print-on-demand place that isn’t suited for serious authors? I mean, if you’re getting your book in print just so your Aunt Matilda can buy some copies—go on, be my guest, go with whoever. But Three Moons Media was the best choice for a place to house my imprint and I’m glad I made it—and I’m going to be making it again on my next book.
—John Robinson, author, Mystics on the Road to Vanishing Point and Magnificent Desolation

Any author who comes to Three Moons Media can be sure his or her manuscript is in safe hands. Marilyn Dillon of TMM is both intelligent and competent. She understands the importance of “gooder English” (that is, getting your book properly edited so you don’t embarrass yourself in print) and she knows how to create cover designs and page layouts that will make your book shine. Marilyn is fussy, picky, cooperative, and inspired. It’s good to have such a splendid print-on-demand publisher.
—Barbara Ardinger, Ph.D., author, Quicksilver Moon