Three Moons Media is a one-woman business. That’s me, Marilyn Dillon. I help authors get their work in print. I edit books. I design book pages and book covers. I format the files so they sail through pre-press at the print-on-demand publisher I work with, CreateSpace. I make websites and print marketing pieces for authors to help them promote their books. I love making books and websites. Most of all, I love books.

I’ve been a bookworm all my life. As a toddler I pestered any adult who would sit still long enough to read my favorite stories, again and again. In first grade, I couldn’t resist peeking ahead in my readers to find out what happened to Tuffy and Boots. On my eighth birthday, I chose to buy a book with my gift money (I still have that book). I was also old enough to get my first public library card. Whether library volumes or supermarket paperbacks, I haven’t been without a book at hand—usually several—in five decades.

It was probably inevitable that I would get a degree in English—after all, you “have to” read lots of books in English classes. But then what do you do with an English degree once you graduate? I started out as a reporter for a small suburban weekly newspaper in San Antonio, Texas. The first day on the job, the managing editor taught me how to “paste up” the paper. It was the beginning of a fascination with typography and layout, with the processes of design.

In the 30-plus years since then, I have created publications for corporations and non-profits large and small, been a freelance writer/editor/graphic designer, won a few awards for my work, edited a magazine, and moved into website design. You can see some of what I’ve been up to on my other business site, www.marilyndillon.com.

I’m still in love with words and type and graphics, with getting all the details right. I found my dream job: reading books, editing books, designing books—books all day, every day.

About the name

The three moons in the company’s name and logo derive from the three crescents on the traditional Dillon family coat of arms. And while there are many Dillons around, there happen to be three in my family: me, my husband, Mike, and our son, Michiel.