By John Gardner

Metamorphosis: The March to the Beginning of Time is a record of existence. Our experience of life continues beyond the instant, when some clever person writes the words that framed the moment. Books capture the memories we have or the ones we wish we had and allow us to relive them over and over, relishing the feelings or maybe just trying them out.

This book is about that process—how a person metamorphoses life being lived into words being read. This is about the change the brain must go through capturing moments of life in words—moments like the view from a drive up Pike’s Peak, to a wife’s birthday to the sociopolitical tragedy of the death of Rachel Corrie. There are tributes to the nonsense poems of Edward Lear and lovely descriptions of an ordinary day. One person’s experience becomes a shared moment for others.

Metamorphosis is the opening to the Muse of Inspiration, making the spirit of the moment live on. Words joined together become more lyrical, more beautiful, more tragic, more inspiring because we can revisit the memories. That is Meta Morphing Words.

Author John Gardner is talking about himself, us, your world, our life and more than we can feel. It is a sharing of life and humanity. Experience Metamorphosis.

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