American Indian Ceremonies

American Indian Ceremonies

Walking a medicine path means being truly at one with your environment. If you live in the city, there is no reason why you cannot walk the medicine path right where you are. You may take the concepts of the Sacred Pipe and the Medicine Wheel with you anywhere you desire.

Medicine Hawk and Grey Cat present a practical and straight-forward invitation to join in the fabric of our land and its ancient ways, adapted for today’s culture. In this book you’ll find a contemporary set of instructions, based on native spiritual ways, to help you become one with the environment and our living earth. The sacred powers of this land are not dead — nor do they sleep. Through authentic ceremonies we can all tread the mysteries of the medicine path.

On the medicine wheel there are two roads: east and west runs the black road, the road of hard lessons and the struggle for true understanding. North and south runs the good red road, the path where each of us may find our happiness.

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