Quicksilver Moon

Quicksilver Moon

By Barbara Ardinger

Quicksilver Moon coven has an enemy in Brother Mudge — And a formidable ally in vampire Isolde Bell. Can her ancient magic defeat his modern-day evil?

Brother Mudge cleared his throat, stepped forward, and took the microphone from Rev. Edwards. “My friends in the Lord,” he began, his voice sincere and conversational, “Our culture war is beginning here today.” He humbly acknowledged the applause. “And because of my studies I have come to know the idolaters. I know who they are! They are Satan’s foul spawn, his false daughters. The whores and faithless wives, the greedy and carnal daughters, the lustful women. They’re the liars, the liberals, the lesbians, the leftist loonies. They’re the witches. ‘Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.’ So it is written, so I believe, and so I act. Amen, amen, amen.”

The vampire has awakened from her daily sleep. Isolde Bell has learned that Mudge and his followers are gathered outside the house of her friend, Loretta, and that their intention is to burn the women of Quicksilver Moon.

So he would be the new Inquisitor, would he? He would be the new Witch-finder General? The old magicians once said that the blood of a sacrificial victim is most pleasing to the gods. No, no, no. It’s the most polluted tool, the most blasphemous. Brother Mudge — the zealot Judge — stunk of blood and terror and fire. He reeked of lust and hubris. Sin trailed behind him wherever he moved, and I easily tracked him through the dying day.

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